Founded by Mr. Mohammed Bin Dashnan, the Bindashnan General Contracting Est. and the Bindashnan Trading & Import Est. companies are both legally registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -- where they remain current and within good standing.

Mr. Bindashnan has been conducting business in the Arab Gulf region since the mid 1980's. Since this time, he has earned and maintained a reputation for being reliable, ethical, and hard working. Although our specialty lies within matchmaking the best product or service to the needs of our clientele, we remain open-minded to exploring business opportunities that fall within our scope of expertise.

  1.   BINDASHNAN is located in Al khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the heart of industrial, petroleum and petrochemical sites in the Eastern Province and is determined to provide best in class industrial, technical and all variety of support services.
  2.   BINDASHNAN is dedicating all efforts to become a premier in providing professional services that lead to industry excellence.
  3.   BINDASHNAN strives to meet customer needs and to provide the true satisfaction to customers through our customer oriented management.
  4.   BINDASHNAN will promptly respond to industry needs in the areas of technology, services, equipment and spare parts to satisfy our mission.
  5.   BINDASHNAN will always make the best efforts to create true values.